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From the beginning of the production branch in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, that is from 2005, our company produces large-size Diverter casings with blades. These devices are used in gas power plants in flue gas systems.

Diverters are highly specialized devices that work in difficult conditions (high temperature, aggressive environment). Diverters consist of a few hundred components that must work together perfectly.

Our company belongs to the few manufacturers in Poland and Europe, which has specialized in the production of this type of equipment and we can boast of a very wide reference list. Our products work in power plants around the world, and the number of units produced has exceeded 100 units.

The Diverter technological process requires trial assembly and FAT (Factory Accpetance Test). It is connected with the necessity of building elements inside the production workshop and setting them in the so-called work position. Conducting such tests usually takes place in the presence of a representative of the Client and Inspector, and due to the overall dimensions of the checked elements, these are quite spectacular undertakings.


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