Business fields

  • Complete services for power-, chemical- and other plants
  • Projects and analysis for power industry
  • Pipelines for power and other industry
  • Special construction / mechanical equipment for power stations (diverter dampers, components of exhaust systems, diffusers, blades for diverter dampers, flues gas dampers, louver and stack dampers)
  • Tanks
  • Steel constructions
  • Assembly on site
PCBC&IQNetPN-EN ISO 9001:2009
PN-EN ISO 14001:2005
SLVDIN 18800-7 Class E EN 1090 EXC4 TÜVModule G of
97/23/EC Directive
EN ISO 3834-2
AD2000-Merkblatt HP 0
UDTApproval of UDT:
modernization of devices,
repair, production of elements

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